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March 23 2014

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March 12 2014

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February 12 2014

Polish lesson #1:

English: Fuck.
Polish: Kurwa!

E: It’s amazing!
P: O kurwa!

E: Excuse me what?
P: Co kurwa?!

E: Oh no..
P: Kurwa..

E: I’m so angry.
P: Kurwa mać! 

E: Are you insane?!
P: Pokurwiło cię?! 

E: Oh no, I’m late again!
P: Kurwa znowu!

E: It finally worked!
P: No kurwa. 

E: Whore.
P: Kurwa.

E: Omg he looked at me!
P: O kurwa kurwa kurwa kurwa!

E: Miley Cyrus.
P: Kurwa.

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January 25 2014

Yusuke oono Yusuke oono Yusuke oonoYusuke oono

Japanese artist/designer/architect (and construction worker?Yusuke Oono was thinking beyond flat when she conceived her 3-Dimensional art books. First designing the layouts of each book (which includes titles like Sweet HomeJungle BookIn A Cheese, and a 360° Christmas Book) by hand and with the aid of design programs, Oono then uses a laser-cutter to carve out the highly-detailed dioramas that make up each page of the story. These pages are then bound together, creating a compiled book which more than pops out, but can be read in 360°.

Fitting for an intricate project, these ultra-creative art books are available for purchase, and even more interesting after viewing the dozens of process shots Oono posts documenting her process in intricate detail. (via colossal)

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January 22 2014

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a tu nie.
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January 20 2014

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